Operation Resolution Rescue

Operation Resolution Rescue at Fit in BoonsBoro consisted of 18 women completing 12 weeks of not necessarily physically challenging work, but mental stamina, drive and determination.

Our 1st place winner, Beth Ridgely, won $350 and is excited about continuing her hard work to finish her weight loss journey once and for all. 2nd Place went to Lisa Horne. 3rd Place to Leigh McFarland who Operation Resolution Rescuecommented “I really feel like I can continue my journey of making healthy choices because of the tools this program shared with me.” Honorable mention went to Betty Snyder.

The Program was a springboard for bigger and better things for not only these ladies, but all the women who participated. Learning to listen to their bodies, checking in when they feel actual hunger and knowing when their bodies are satiated are only a few of the nuggets that were addressed. And, of course, in doing so, lots of weight and inches were lost.



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